What if your team cared as much about your business as you do?

We'll help you build high-performing, engaged and resilient teams that genuinely care about the business you've built.

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Meet the psychologist behind it all

Leanne Elliott, Owner of Oblong & Business Psychologist

I'm Leanne and I'm a Certified Business Psychologist who's worked with organisations like the NHS to improve employee engagement.

You see, employee engagement is no longer a 'nice to have' - it is the key to building a profitable, high-performing and stable business with a great culture.

We predominantly work with what we call owner-leaders. In other words, people like you that have built a business and currently lead your team(s).

  • As an owner-leader, you want to create something that exists beyond you. Yes, you want to build a successful business, but you also want to innovate, inspire and empower not only your customers but your people.
  • As an owner-leader, you understand that the choices you make are fundamental to the success of your team, and in turn, that your people are fundamental to the success of your business.
  • As an owner-leader, you intrinsically know that efforts like ping-pong tables and free-beer Fridays are at best, a gimmick, and at worst, a sticking plaster that covers deep-rooted problems.

Let's help you build a high performing, engaged and resilient team that cares as much about your business as you do.

Book a call with us today and see how we can help you reach your goals by investing in your people to create a culture of excellence.

Build a great culture.

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Truth, Lies & Workplace Culture podcast

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NEW: The Truth, Lies & Workplace Culture Podcast

Want to be a great leader? Want to learn how to build an amazing culture at work? Want your team to care as much as you do?

This is the podcast for you.

Every week, we talk about practical, science-based ways to find, keep and empower great people.

The three levers to supersonic growth

Whether you want to expand your reach, win more clients, acquire investment or even sell your business, you already know that your people are fundamental to your success.

Here's what happens when you invest in employee engagement.

Better people

It seems simple, but if you give your people the tools, training and techniques to do a good job, they'll be much happier and more productive.

Fewer surprises

Engaged teams lead to a cohesive culture where people want to stay for longer, fully commit to their work and will work together to build something great.

Faster growth

When your people are happy & productive, then scaling just becomes easier. Output increases exponentially, customers become raving fans and profits multiply.

Wouldn't it be nice if the whole team stood with you?

By investing in engagement and building a culture of accountability, performance and resilience, you can spend your time taking those strategic actions to grow your business.

Book a call with us today and let us take some of the strain.

So what's changed in 2022?

Even if we hadn't all just gone through one of the most disruptive periods in history, the trend was already skewing towards building a great culture that keeps your team engaged.

  • The new generation of employees want the flexibility to work when and where they want.
  • They insist that their employer thinks hard about their well-being and invests in their development.
  • And they want better tools and techniques to deal with the inevitable change we'll see in the world of work over the next few years.

So let's take a look at what's actually changed:

The Old Way

Being a 'parent' or 'protector' instead of a leader
'Hit and hope' approach to building teams
Using 'off the shelf' surveys that don't really tell you anything meaningful
Hoping people work hard, stick around and don't burn out
Relying on costly bonuses to incentivise people
Fighting fires and dealing with new problems
A 'Revolving door' of employees
Spending £thousands to replace people who leave
A culture of 'them and us' ()which leads to disconnect and resentment)
Putting the satisfaction of your customers first
Believing people should be grateful for the jobs you provide

The New Way

Being a leader that inspires and empowers people
Creating a culture of learning, performance & resilience
Using science-backed surveys to gauge engagement
Providing tools, techniques and training to enable performance
Knowing exactly how to respond to problems
Committing to a proven recruitment and development framework
Preempting problems before they arise
Building resilient teams that are positive and adaptable to change
Improving profits by increasing innovation, productivity and performance
Putting employee experience first
Creating a business that people fight to work for

Are you ready to commit to the new way? Book a call today.

Build a culture, see the results

Build engaged teams that care as much about your business as you do. Book a call to find out how.

Here comes the science

What is employee engagement?

In simple terms, employee engagement refers to the level of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels toward their job.

Engaged employees develop strong positive attitudes towards their work and the organisation, which in turn, translates to highly positive behaviours.

There is an abundance of academic and industry-based research that links engagement attitudes and behaviours to organisational outcomes.

Engagement is literally the very heart of our Culture Roadmap - click the button to learn more about how it all fits together.

Stats on Engagement

When employees were recently asked about how they currently feel, the results were quite revealing.

Currently unengaged


Considering leaving


Would work harder if they were appreciated


Expect their employer to help work/life balance


Nice things clients say

"The work has brought the team together, especially in the current remote set up. It helped to build 360 trust. We all understand each other better. The team respects that we went through the process and want to improve, and the leadership team has shown they respect people’s opinions.”

Paul Barnes Paul Barnes Accountancy for creative agencies

“Leanne is incredibly skilled at building and managing remote project teams to deliver outstanding results to clients. Her understanding of team onboarding, training and coaching in a remote context is second-to-none.”

Rosie Campbell Rosanna Campbell Content writing agency

“Leanne was very dedicated to the growth of each and every one of our employees, and that dedication directly manifested in the quality of our team’s work. She was so kind, empathetic and understanding, always prioritizing employee well-being and collaboration across the team”

Aubrey Wall Aubrey Wall Speaker & coach

The 3 step Roadmap

How does this
actually work?

Let's be honest - although you love the work, you started your business because you had a dream.

  • Maybe you wanted to grow and acquire
  • Maybe that dream was to build and sell
  • Or perhaps you want to be known for world-class work.

Whatever your dream is, you know you need great people to get you there. Here's the 3 stage Roadmap we use to build the perfect culture for a growing business.

The Company Culture Roadmap

Build an engaged team who care as much about the agency as you do